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LEED-certified homes are designed to save energy and water, using fewer resources means lower utility bills each month.
Here are some benefits of LEED-certified homes / buildings:

Improving energy performance by at least 10 percent:
• Reduction in energy demand.
• Operating cost savings, lower maintenance costs than typical buildings.
• By improving energy efficiency, green buildings also help reduce indoor air
pollutants related to serious health issues.
• Energy efficient residences burn fewer fossil fuels, which decreases the
associated air pollution from buildings.

Improving indoor air quality:
• Proper ventilation brings fresh air into a home while flushing exhaust
contaminated air out, making indoor air cleaner and healthier for occupants.
• Air filtering removes indoor air contaminants (dust, mold spores, etc.) from
the air that occupants breathe.
• Compartmentalization/Enhanced Compartmentalization prevents air, odor,
and smoke transfer between homes.
• Combustion Venting and Enhanced Combustion Venting keeps carbon
monoxide and other dangerous combustion byproducts out of the homes.
• Garage Pollutant Protection/Enhanced Garage Pollutant Protection keeps
vehicle exhaust out of homes.

Reduction of carbon, water, energy and waste. Green buildings use fewer
resources and minimizes waste.

Water-efficiency efforts:
• Reduction of water use.

Low-emitting Products
• Installing products that emit fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
ensures a healthier surrounding.

They’re third-party inspected, performance-tested, and certified to
perform better than a conventional home.